This is it. The very item that triggered my compulsive collecting nature.
This is the Football Budget from April 13 1985 - the first football game I ever saw live.
I still remember the score: Subiaco 22.13 (145) d West Perth 10.11 (71). Not a good day for a West Perth supporter travelling to Subiaco Oval.
Since then I have turned my hand to collecting anything to do with sports. Football, cricket, tennis, golf ... you name it, I'll collect it.
But my most cherished collections are of the Football Budget and Football Record and football and cricket cards.
This site is intended to act as an online wishlist for all my collections and - eventually- a forum to sell or trade spares and surplus items.
So, if you have a collection yourself and need help completing it - give me a yell because I might be able to help.
Or if you have any of the items I have listed in my wishlists I would be more than happy to hear from you. You can email me at the bottom of this page. My wishlists are at the top of this page. However, please be aware that only the links on the top two lines work from this page. If you wish to see the others, then the links to those will work from all the other pages. Sorry, but it's a quirk of this website builder.